The Ice Coast Challenge!

Saturday March 28th, 2014 Shawnee Peak will be hosting the Ice Coast Challenge presented by: Pioneers Board Shop.

First ever surf contest’s format on snowboards! 

-All snow features will be sculpted similar to the shapes of waves.

  • Tiered drop in, as if you were paddling into any size conditions.
  • Big bottom turn sections for slashing & laybacks.
  • 300’ spine with knee to head high dimensions for floaters and airs.
  • Variable conditions along the way to get radical.
  • Full barrel wave to spit you out at the end of your run.

Eastern Surf Association will be judging based purely on maneuvers and style!  Draw unique lines on the course and maximize scoring potential being creative, innovative, and progressive with the frozen ocean.

Shawnee RGBAll ages event >REGISTRATION LINK<

  • - Thousands in prizes
  • - LIVE music all day & night
  • - Vendors’ tents & products
  • - Film production on course and off
  • - Outdoor concession area built around a boat!!! 

We are ready to surf the mountain!!!

Get ready for the ICE COAST CHALLENGE!!!